Copyright © 2009 Purdea Andrei

Game Show

a.k.a. Villogós Kimittud

This is an electronics project i did for my german teacher. It is a game show equipment, similar to the kind you see on tv. The requirements were that every team had a button, and the system should be able to determine in what order the buttons were pressed. Each team has a 7-segment display to show in what order were the buttons pressed. There is also an active light to show which team is speaking. The team modules are daisy-chained together.

The display on the controller shows the number of the team that is currently speaking. There are 3 buttons on the controller: The reset button advances to the next question. The Next button is used when the winner team responds incorrectly to the question. Then the second team to press the button gets a chance to answer the question. In this case the active light is moved to the next team, and the number of this second team is shown on the controllers display. The +1 team button is used to set up the number of teams playing before the contest.

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