Copyright © 2009 Purdea Andrei

Chess 3D

This is a 3D Chess game using C, OpenGL, and SDL. I initially built parts of it while i was studying OpenGL, but then i extended it to be able to use it as my informatics "Atestat" exam project. Now it is functional, and has a simple Artificial Intelligence. The documentation that i originally submitted to the Atestat can be found here: .pdf download, .djvu download (hungarian).



Some SDL and OpenGL libraries might need to be installed before compiling.

On linux, extract the .zip file and make the compilations scripts runnable:

andrew@charon:~/chess$ chmod a+x

Compile the program:

andrew@charon:~/chess$ ./

Run the program:

andrew@charon:~/chess$ ./chess

On windows it can be compiled with Dev-C++.